Company history

1990.11Pioneer Seiko KK. (Co) establishment CEO Akio Kuroda
1991.02Himeji city Mold designing and manufacturing equipment installation and start of operation
1993Himeji city press factory (Aida 80 ton, 110 ton) press introduction and start of mass-production
1995Himeji city building the assembly factory, starting assembly operations
1997.07The main factory is built (2600㎡) the other factories moved to this location
2000.01ISO 9001 Acquiring ISO 9001 certification
2004.04ISO 14001 Acquiring ISO 14001 certification
2004.07Establishment of Pioneer metal parts Ltd
2004.07Tottori city Pioneer metal parts Ltd. Tottori factory open
2005.05Main factory east wing, factory No1 open(2850㎡)
2006.06Pioneer metal parts Ltd. Is changed to KK. (Co.)
2007.03Purchasing ground between factory No1 and main factory
2009.06Management planning meetings start(2 time a year)
2010.10Establishment of procurement Division, Quality assurance department, Production engineering department, development section
2011.05Main office renewal
2011.06Junichi Kuroda Inducted
2012.06Starting the assembly of preventing device of downfall from train station platforms
2013.08Starting of assembly and production of train interior panels
2014.05Opened a sales office in Tokyo.
2014.08Started selling 「ANZEN SHOIKKO」
2014.09In Tottori City, started operations Tottori Plant.
2015.03ISO 13485 Acquiring ISO 13485 certification