P.S approach for more precised, quality products.

To provide high quality products, our quality inspectors check every single piece one-by-one strictly, and after
We measure them with 2D/3D equipment to avoid even a micron error.
Even though it’s not directly related to the production,
We try not to take our control-inspection system lightly.

Inspection of products coming in and going outOur inspectors strictly check the products we receive from our suppliers and to be able to guarantee our product’s high quality we conduct a final and especially strict inspection.
We make sure that there are no mistakes in the packing or in the packed items before we deliver them.
Inspection during process according to the product’s characteristicsAfter receive an order we carefully create an inspection system based on the arrangements.
At every processing step we set up checkpoints to stop the flow of not good items and to provide quality products satisfying the customers’ needs.
Inspection efficiency-±0.05mm Precision check with laser measuringAt P.S we are using high-speed laser measuring equipment to measure the first sample piece of the very precised sheet metal process.
The manufactured sheets designed based on the date we have received from our customers are colored by laser, So we can create inspection data as precised as ±0.05mm.
Measuring on micron level with 2D measuring equipmentUsing large definition CCD cameras and high magnification zoom lenses we can measure and display the shame and surface of the product and also the parts not visible on a 2D screen, this is closely connected to improving the first yield rate and the lead time.
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