Equipments for evacuation
「Anzen Shoikko」

Safety Carrying rack

Transport the elderly and the handicapped during natural disasters safely and quickly.

Throughout Japan earthquake countermeasures and disaster prevention are being taken since the great Ease Japan Earthquake.
More than 90% of the people diseased in earthquakes die due to tsunamis.

People can be saved carried high locations,
So tsunami evacuation buildings are considerd to be very effective.

For these kind of evacuation spots not only the quantity that matters but the way people can smoothly evacuate to these locations.

This is especially important for seniors and handicapped people.
But until now such equipment that can be actually used at times of disaster.

We proudly present 「Anzen Shoikko」.



・similar to the racks used by climbers.
・fast and safe transportation for the elderly and the handicapped
・easy to use
・low weight, dosen’t strain the carrier’s body.



・aluminum pipe(25mm)
・coloring paint
・weight 2.7kg
・load weight 120.0kg
・safety belt