Pioneer Seiko’s 5strength

FlexibilityWe can answer our Customers’ need 100%, from forging to assembly.
We not only produce our own mold, which is the most important ingredient for quality goods,
but also we create and improve our own, specialised assembly lines.
Due to these above, we aquired our Customers’ trust and appreciation in the past.
Integrated productionPioneer Seiko has establishes an integrated production system of planning, parts supply, manufacturing, quality control.
So we are able to answer to our customers’ all and every needs.
Also, P.S is providing all-round planning of delivery dates, price performance, quality standards, and machining lines, production methods, personal distribution according to the project’s degree of difficulty.
AmbitionWe are aiming to be West Japan’s No.1 in the field of production technology with HR and the latest facilities.
Since we started our first factory we have installed several type of appliances. Our high level precision and quality is based on the knowledge of these different kind of technologies.
Using this base we created our production system and we are adopting the latest and most innovative technologies actively.
TrustReliable products strict quality control.
Our mission is to provide safe and secure products and services, which are based on Our Quality Policy.
So we are improving our QC constantly.
Starting will our unique TNS project-which is improving our product quality-and installing the latest controlling systems, we are improving potential-risk sensitivity and the reaction speed.
SizeSize: total line area of our factory is 5376.45㎡
So even from the smallest lots we are able to deal with highly increases production. P.S has a total line area of 5376.45㎡ including both of the main and No1 factory.
P.S can respond to costumer’s requests.
No matter what are the requirement and conditions, from the smallest lots to the sudden increase of orders.
  • 本社・第1工場

    〒671-0252 兵庫県姫路市
  • 鳥取工場

    〒680-1171 鳥取県鳥取市