think next stage
Aiming high-level products

 P.S has been taking the challenge of “production from the perspective of costumers” since 1990, starting with press molding and mold designing and manufacturing moving towards mass-press production system. With this we have opened a new way.
But in this world where products and information are coming and going in such large quantity, safety and effectiveness are very important tasks. To improve our performance, it’s needless to say that further technological innovation is needed.
To be able to fulfill these task, I became the CEO in 2012, and proposed our new philosophy “Think next stage “.
Which means “We are always prepared for the new age, and raising our rank to be able to take on any challenges”.
Keeping these words strongly in mind, We are aiming to be a global company which is working FOR the customers, with high-level products and innovative philosophy.
We hope that you will continue to favor us with your support.
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